Saturday, 17 February 2018


#MeettheMaker1 - Brand Image - the Buggysnuggle logo

#MeettheMaker2 - Me with my 2 youngest children - 
The Boss, designer & general-dogs-body at Buggysnuggle HQ! 

#MeettheMaker3 - Workspace (on a tidy day!)

#MeettheMaker4 - Tools - mostly a PC, moleskin notesbooks, sharpie pens...

#MeettheMaker5 - Thing I can't live without (apart from my lovely family of course!) is exercise! 
I'm a much nicer person after I've had a good bike ride!

#MeettheMaker6 - Raw Material - the softest, cuddliest fabrics are 
the most important ingredient in a Buggysnuggle

#MeettheMaker7 - How & Why? I wanted to make the world a more snuggly place!
Read more here!

#MeettheMaker8 - Where? Buggysnuggle HQ up the garden!

#MeettheMaker9 - Goals!

#MeettheMaker10 - The post run - luckily, nowadays, the postman comes to pick them up!

#MeettheMaker11 - Bestseller! - Our luxury Cow Fur Buggysnuggle 
has been a winner since day one!

#MeettheMaker12 - Shelfie! - A rail full of Buggysnuggles!

#MeettheMaker13 - Organised? I'm an avid list maker for every aspect of my life!

#MeettheMaker14 - My little helper is often my daughter, but on this 
occasion she just snuggled up amongst the samples & fell asleep!

#MeettheMaker15 - Where I live...Beautiful Cornwall

MeettheMaker16 - Colour & texture are what we're all about!

#MeettheMaker17 - Sketchbook - where most Buggysnuggle designs start!

#MeettheMaker18 - Photoshoots...Never work with children or animals!

#MeettheMaker19 - Milestone - our 10 year anniversary was a huge milestone & now, 
here we are in 2018, approaching our 20th anniversary! 

#MeettheMaker20 - Customers! What it is all about & what makes it all worthwhile! 
Some days can be rubbish & then a customer sends a lovely bit of feedback
or a great photo & that just makes my day, even after 20 years! 

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