Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Looking for inspiration?

Sometimes I think we have way too many different Buggysnuggle designs & it gets too tricky for customers to choose their favourite! So I’ve been updating our Pinterest boards & thought they could be quite helpful if you’re a bit stuck!

FB FEEDBACK PRIZEHappy Buggysnuggle Customers shows you all sorts of Buggysnuggle designs, both old & new, in lots of different types of pushchair, so this one could be particularly helpful, as could the Buggysnuggles board.

There are boards for Babysnuggles, Dinkysnuggles, Hats (which, incidently, are all half price at the moment!) which will give you a great overview of these products.


I’ve just added a board showing off our fabulous Massive Picnic Rugs (300cm x 145cm), as the daffodils are convinced spring is here!

If you send any of your lovely Buggysnuggling photos in, I will add them to our boards – I love to see them, it makes me very happy! Have fun browsing the boards.