Wednesday, 10 February 2016

An old favourite

I started The Buggysnuggle Company in 1998 (OMG nearly 18 years ago, that truly makes me feel ancient!) because I’d purchased a Baby Jogger pushchair, which were brand new to the UK market then, & had no footmuff to go in it. In fact, whichever pushchair you bought, the only cosytoes or footmuffs available were horrible. Usually black or grey & made from stiff, harsh fabric.

IMG_9538                                                       The very first Buggysnuggle footmuff

So I designed the Buggysnuggle footmuff – a wanted something soft and snugly; roomy so it would last a long time; with the feel of a blanket rather than a stiff “cage”. It’s been copied often (& badly) & there are many more footmuffs & cosytoes around today to choose from, but I’m still inspired to keep designing beautiful fabrics to introduce new Buggysnuggles each year, secure in the knowledge that lots of happy children & parents remember their Buggysnuggle fondly!

One of the very first Buggysnuggle fabric designs, way back in 1999, was our Green Sheep Buggysnuggle. This proved an instant hit & we soon manufactured it in Navy & Red too. 1998-1999-BROCHURE-1crSHEEP

We still make the Red Sheep Buggysnuggle because customers still love it! In fact, many of our designs keep going for years & years because they prove so popular – the Cow Fur is another one. If they stay in our top 10, then I’ll keep ordering them!

BSN003-1BSN003-3The Red Sheep Buggysnuggle, in lovely, thick sherpa fleece lined with soft polar fleece

Really, I’d be baaa-rmy to stop! (apologies for terrible joke!!)

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