Thursday, 4 February 2016

10 reasons why a Buggysnuggle footmuff will make your life easier! Honest!

  1. Your baby will be happy, warm & secure in their pushchairPINK_ELEPHANTS_1
  2. You can remove the top half of the Buggysnuggle completely and use the bottom half as a soft seat liner in the summer months (useful 365 days of the year!)BSN106-4sq
  3. Keep teddy or snacks (or even eggs!) handy in the “teddy pocket” WP_ELEPHANT_JAN-16cr
  4. The Buggysnuggle will protect your baby from a light shower, so it won’t be the end of the world if you forget the rain cover (but if you’re looking for fully waterproof, then we have our Explorer range)
  5. The Buggysnuggle can stay in your pushchair even when folded making travelling easier
  6. You can use the top half of your Buggysnuggle as an impromptu blanket
  7. No need to dress your baby up in a thick snowsuit, just a fleece or jacket on top will be fine unless it’s arctic outside
  8. The Buggysnuggle is easy to remove so if you want to lift a sleeping baby & move indoors you can do so without disturbing your baby
  9. Buggysnuggles are very quick & easy to fit & can easily be moved to a different buggy
  10. Buggysnuggles wash & dry quickly & will last for years & multiple children!

Click here for more about why Buggysnuggles are better, here to see our full collection, and to see lots of happy Buggysnugglers check out our Pinterest page.

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