Thursday, 3 November 2016

#Snugglefact 2

The Buggysnuggle is 100cm long and 46cm wide, one of the largest footmuffs on the market. It will fit until at least age 3 years of age. My 4 children have all used theirs until they outgrew their pushchair (almost 4 years old) and my 6 year old still likes squeezing in her old Buggysnuggle!

The BigBug Buggysnuggle is longer & wider, designed for older children (6-8 years or up to 130cm tall) & larger special needs pushchairs.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

#Snugglefact 1

Most of our fabrics start life with me sketching an idea in felt tips!

I then email them to the fabric manufacturer, who send me a CAD version of what I've sketched. We then play around with colour options, before deciding which colour ways to sample. I will then get around 50 metres made to make samples & an initial run, before committing to a bulk order for production!
So with the vast majority of our fabrics, you can be assured you are getting something unique & exclusive! To see all of our designs visit

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Looking for inspiration?

Sometimes I think we have way too many different Buggysnuggle designs & it gets too tricky for customers to choose their favourite! So I’ve been updating our Pinterest boards & thought they could be quite helpful if you’re a bit stuck!

FB FEEDBACK PRIZEHappy Buggysnuggle Customers shows you all sorts of Buggysnuggle designs, both old & new, in lots of different types of pushchair, so this one could be particularly helpful, as could the Buggysnuggles board.

There are boards for Babysnuggles, Dinkysnuggles, Hats (which, incidently, are all half price at the moment!) which will give you a great overview of these products.


I’ve just added a board showing off our fabulous Massive Picnic Rugs (300cm x 145cm), as the daffodils are convinced spring is here!

If you send any of your lovely Buggysnuggling photos in, I will add them to our boards – I love to see them, it makes me very happy! Have fun browsing the boards.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Trust me, it’s a Buggysnuggle

There are a lot of footmuffs or cosytoes to choose from out there. There are a lot of cheap footmuffs too. And yes, a Buggysnuggle footmuff is not cheap. But what I hope lots of Buggysnuggle customers will agree is that they are value for money.

One of the problems with internet shopping is that it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference in quality, when you’re looking at a flat, cut out photo (& I’m the first to admit, new photography needs to be at the top of my to-do list this year!) For example our Sapphire Stars Fur is so thick & luxurious, but it’s hard to see that from this photo!

Sapphire Stars Fur

So, in an effort to sell the benefits of a Buggysnuggle footmuff to you & convince you that the “cost-per-wear” (as I always tell my other half when I’ve bought something new!) will be unbelievably low, consider this:

It really will be one of the most used nursery items you buy. So if you use your top-of-the-range Fur Buggysnuggle 5 days a week for 3 years, the cost-per-use is as little as 8p and that’s only for 1 child – we know many customers have used theirs for baby no. 2 or 3 too, and then sold them on Ebay! (not great for me I know!) 

FB FEEDBACK PRIZE                                       Lots of happy Buggysnuggle customers

Remember, the bottom half can be used as a liner in warmer weather, so it really is useful 365 days per year.

Also, bear in mind that a Buggysnuggle footmuff makes the scruffiest buggy look like new!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

An old favourite

I started The Buggysnuggle Company in 1998 (OMG nearly 18 years ago, that truly makes me feel ancient!) because I’d purchased a Baby Jogger pushchair, which were brand new to the UK market then, & had no footmuff to go in it. In fact, whichever pushchair you bought, the only cosytoes or footmuffs available were horrible. Usually black or grey & made from stiff, harsh fabric.

IMG_9538                                                       The very first Buggysnuggle footmuff

So I designed the Buggysnuggle footmuff – a wanted something soft and snugly; roomy so it would last a long time; with the feel of a blanket rather than a stiff “cage”. It’s been copied often (& badly) & there are many more footmuffs & cosytoes around today to choose from, but I’m still inspired to keep designing beautiful fabrics to introduce new Buggysnuggles each year, secure in the knowledge that lots of happy children & parents remember their Buggysnuggle fondly!

One of the very first Buggysnuggle fabric designs, way back in 1999, was our Green Sheep Buggysnuggle. This proved an instant hit & we soon manufactured it in Navy & Red too. 1998-1999-BROCHURE-1crSHEEP

We still make the Red Sheep Buggysnuggle because customers still love it! In fact, many of our designs keep going for years & years because they prove so popular – the Cow Fur is another one. If they stay in our top 10, then I’ll keep ordering them!

BSN003-1BSN003-3The Red Sheep Buggysnuggle, in lovely, thick sherpa fleece lined with soft polar fleece

Really, I’d be baaa-rmy to stop! (apologies for terrible joke!!)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

10 reasons why a Buggysnuggle footmuff will make your life easier! Honest!

  1. Your baby will be happy, warm & secure in their pushchairPINK_ELEPHANTS_1
  2. You can remove the top half of the Buggysnuggle completely and use the bottom half as a soft seat liner in the summer months (useful 365 days of the year!)BSN106-4sq
  3. Keep teddy or snacks (or even eggs!) handy in the “teddy pocket” WP_ELEPHANT_JAN-16cr
  4. The Buggysnuggle will protect your baby from a light shower, so it won’t be the end of the world if you forget the rain cover (but if you’re looking for fully waterproof, then we have our Explorer range)
  5. The Buggysnuggle can stay in your pushchair even when folded making travelling easier
  6. You can use the top half of your Buggysnuggle as an impromptu blanket
  7. No need to dress your baby up in a thick snowsuit, just a fleece or jacket on top will be fine unless it’s arctic outside
  8. The Buggysnuggle is easy to remove so if you want to lift a sleeping baby & move indoors you can do so without disturbing your baby
  9. Buggysnuggles are very quick & easy to fit & can easily be moved to a different buggy
  10. Buggysnuggles wash & dry quickly & will last for years & multiple children!

Click here for more about why Buggysnuggles are better, here to see our full collection, and to see lots of happy Buggysnugglers check out our Pinterest page.