Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Easter holidays! Don’t panic!

As a working mum I usually spend the holidays in a permanent state of guilt. I know I should be doing things with the kids, but my “I’m just popping up to check my emails” often turns into 3 hours being sucked into whatever has appeared in my in box. Well, not this holiday! I am going to make a list of things we’re going to do & each day I’m going to get up extra early & do a couple of hours in the office, then we’re going to do FUN STUFF! Hmmm, that’s the plan, we’ll see what happens!
If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few which will hopefully inspire you to do fun stuff too!

1. Visit your nearest major tourist attraction

It’s a well known fact that people often fail to visit amazing places which are right on their door step. I lived in Thame, near Oxford for 34 years & never visited any of Oxford’s beautiful universities! Inspector Morse on telly was the closest I got to looking around one! So I’m going to visit Tintagel & King Arthurs Castle, which is just up the road here in Cornwall & which I haven’t been to for years & I know the kids will love it. This is a great website for finding your closest castle: and you cannot fail to be inspired here:










2. Plan a picnic

If you see a window of opportunity, just go for it! Even if you just pop into the closest shop & grab a few snacks, or spend a few hours making a delicious picnic, you won’t regret it. Drive to a lovely wood or beach, or, if you haven’t got a car just wander to the nearest green space. Check out our huge Buggysnuggle Picnic Rugs too – they are a massive 3m x 1.45m & will fit the whole family!  


3. Go for a long walk

Whatever the weather, long walks are a joy! If it’s grotty, just dress up in all the gear, wellies, waterproofs & hats. The fresh air will make you feel great. Whilst you’re on the walk get the kids to collect things: if you’re on the beach collect shells, if you’re in the woods collect leaves & stones & flowers etc. Just use your imagination! Hippychick have some great waterproofs available.


4. Visit a National Trust property

They are always interesting & you’ll be supporting a very important charity too! They are also running an Easter egg hunt in 300 locations over the holidays: I also love their “50 Things to do before you’re 11 3/4” – great ideas for entertaining little people.







5. Plant something

Great for a rainy day. Buy some seeds & plant whatever takes your fancy. You can also get the kids to paint the pots first. Just mix 2 parts acrylic paint with 1 part PVA glue & you’ll have pretty pots to plant in! This website has loads of ideas of what to plant right now: If you get them planting at the start of the holidays, there’ll probably be seedlings showing by the end!

6. Make a den

Forget about tiding up your sitting room, just give them a huge pile of blankets & pillows, a few boxes & whatever you think will help them & let their imaginations run wild. I used to love doing this when I was a kid! Check out this Pinterest page for 100’s of ideas & inspiration!









7. Movie Day

If it’s simply too awful to go outside, have a movie day. Get the popcorn out & all those DVD’s you never get around to watching & just veg out! Alternatively, support your local cinema by seeing the latest movie releases. If you haven’t seen Paddington yet, I massively recommend it – hilarious!

8. Fly a kite

If you haven’t got a pocket kite lying around then why not make one?! I know, I know, making stuff is really effortful, but check this out – it’s really, really simple & you’ll have a lot of fun! Honest!









9. Have a cream tea

Scones are the easiest thing in the world to make & warm from the oven, there is nothing more delicious! Get the kids to lay the table while the scones are cooking, then have a proper afternoon tea! Here is a very simple recipe: Then you just have to decide whether to put the jam on before the cream (the proper Cornish way!) or cream then jam (like they do in Devon!)

cream tea








10. Learn something new

If they can’t yet ride their bike, teach them.

If they can’t swim, get down the pool & help them learn.

Improve throwing & catching, or learn to juggle.

Whatever it is, persevere – remember as our parents said “there’s no such thing as can’t!”

So your pre-Easter holidays check list / shopping list is:





SUNFLOWER / COSMOS / POT MARIGOLD SEEDS (or whatever you fancy)

CARROT / TOMATO / COURGETTE SEEDS (or whatever you fancy)















Have a great Easter holidays, & whatever you do I hope you have lots of fun!