Monday, 14 July 2014


What a way to start the week! 9am this morning 7 babies, 8 buggies, and a huge pile of Buggysnuggles made it down to Tregirls, one of the beautiful local beaches on the Camel Estuary.  PHOTOSHOOT-JUL-14

It started with a bit of light mizzle, then the sun came out (too bright & hot) & then July 14th did a perfect impression of autumn! The wind got up, the sun went in & the temperature was ideal for making the babies want to snuggle up in their Buggysnuggles! PHOTOSHOOT-JUL-14-2

2 and a half hours later, just after we’d called it a wrap, we got caught in a heavy downpour & by the time we were back at the cars everyone was soaked - the rain then stopped as suddenly as it had started! PSL004-4PHOTOSHOOT-JUL-14-3

Thanks to all the fab models (Lowen, Soloman, Connie, Audreah, Stanley, Sophia & Trista) & their lovely mums!