Friday, 24 January 2014

Star Gazing

aurora borealis

I absolutely LOVED watching BBC Stargazing Live last week – the amazing shots of the aurora borealis filmed from a plane were incredible – definitely one for the “bucket list”!

One of my favourite things to do with the kids is a bit of star gazing. I can remember a few constellations from my days at Brownie Camp (a long, long time ago!!): Orion, the Plough, Cassiopeia… and Sam is always very impressed when I point them out! We take a huge pile of blankets & make a camp on the trampoline! There’s lots of “ooh-ing & “aah-ing” when we spot a shooting star!

It’s also been known that we all nod off & wake up an hour or so later soaked in dew!

According to Star Gazing live the next few things to spot in the night sky are:

28th & 29th January – The Moon & Venus will appear close together just before sunrise.

19th February – The Moon, Mars & a star “Spica” will form a triangle as they rise.

1st week of March is National Astronomy week & there are lots of events on.

The Star Gazing Live Events calendar is can be downloaded here.

SOFASNUG_4sThe Buggysnuggle Company can also provide you with the perfect accessory to your star gazing adventures… Our new Sofasnuggle – have a look at it here.

Happy star gazing!

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