Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The end of an era…

FIRST-SHOW-98Well this is in some ways a sad post to write. But in other ways there’s a lot to look forward to and it’s an exciting time…

15 years ago Jo & I started The Buggysnuggle Company together and placed a small advert in Junior magazine. Orders flooded in and we then spent a decade and a half growing the company from our kitchen/dining room tables to a successful, award winning and international company whilst attempting to achieve the elusive work/life balance.

TRAMPOLINEsmWhen we started out, my two older boys were 3 years & 18 months and Jo’s little girl was just a year old. I went on to have 2 more children, another boy in 2003 & then a daughter in 2009 (yes - both with 6 year gaps between!) Jo, in the meantime, met her new partner & in 2012 had a second child (a 14 year gap between her 2!) and then announced early this year that number 3 is on the way (due end Aug)! I also moved to Cornwall in 2003, so for the last 10 years we’ve run the company from 2 offices 300 miles apart = challenging, but it worked!

Over the 15 years there have been good times and bad; lots & lots of hard work; tears of laughter & tears of frustration; tonnes of guilt (part & parcel of being a working mum) and loads of fun times with all the friends we have made in the nursery industry (too many to name, but you know who you are!)

So it was with a heavy heart that Jo decided earlier this year to leave The Buggysnuggle Company so she could concentrate on the 2 new little people in her life plus, of course, the gorgeous Ruby, now 15! Jo will be juggling nappies at one end & GCSE’s at the other – plenty to get on with…

I wish Jo every happiness with her new babies & I will miss her, though I suspect she’ll change her telephone number soon so I stop calling her at all hours asking “how did you used to do…” or “where did you file that?”!! I suspect she’ll block my number!

I am so excited about the future of The Buggysnuggle Company. The business has now re-located to Cornwall & I have lots of plans for the future… (you’ll have to wait & see!)

CONNIES_IMG_5726I hope you’ll join me for the next 15 years! Cheers! Sarah xx


  1. wow Sarah - are you going it alone??!!!! Are you coming up for Britmums this weekend??

    1. Yes! All alone! Aaaaahhhh! Hoping to get some new people on board very soon though!
      Can't make Britmums as going to Rock Oyster Festival with my kids (in the rain!!) Have a great time!

  2. I wish each of you all the best

  3. I'll be in touch very soon! Seems a while since our last shared gossip over a glass of wine (or two!!) xx

  4. hey your not all alone you still have me your faithful agent lol