Thursday, 24 January 2013

January Blues

Living in Cornwall has many advantages, however we’ve all been very jealous this week as the rest of the country skives off school or work to go sledging or have snowball fights and build snowmen – we haven’t seen a flake here! My 9 year old has been beside himself, watching the weather forecasts and jumping up & down in frustration at the lack of snow in Cornwall! Instead we have mostly been covered in a thick layer of grey. I find the general January malaise inspires me to dream about summer holidays! IMG_9056I am 95% sure we will end up at the fabulous campsite in France where we’ve holidayed for the last 4 years. Nestled in a pine forest, behind the beach and protected from the sea breezes by huge sand dunes it is the perfect combination of beach/pool/forest with all the amenities you could possibly need on site.VIEUX_PORT However, that doesn’t stop me wasting a few hours on the internet every evening dreaming of more exotic climes…

A few years ago my better half went off to Cambodia on a food tour (I had to stay home & work!) and I would love to have a family holiday there. It seems a wonderful destination for an exotic beach holiday with the added bonus of amazing sights & culture & fabulously friendly people too. Pete O’Sullivan, (a friend of mine), has recently set up Naga Tours, a company specialising in organising tailor made trips to the region. Pete has over 10 years experience organising and developing tours in South-East Asia – what he doesn’t know about the area isn’t worth knowing!angkorwat02Photo Copyright Naga Tours

Then again I’d love to go to Brazil. My husband visits often for business, but I’ve never managed to tag along! With 3 of my kids being major surf dudes it would have to be (at least partly) a surf holiday, though I’m sure we could squeeze some culture in too. Errant Surf organise surf trips to Brazil, which look really fun and they sort out the surf safari’s leaving me to lie on the beach and relax!MACUMBA_SURF_LODGEAnother country I dream about is India. It has long been top of my “One day I’ll visit” list. I would really love to visit Rajasthan and the Chhatra Sagar looks amazing.CHHATRA_SAGARI guess I might have to leave the kids in the tent whilst I go shopping in Jaipur! Oooh I can’t wait to visit the Johari Bazar and come home with bolts of beautiful fabrics, and bangles, and silk scarfs… I could go on!

0559-JOHARI BAZARWell I can dream can’t I?! In the meantime, it’s about time I booked the campsite in France!

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