Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The end of an era…

FIRST-SHOW-98Well this is in some ways a sad post to write. But in other ways there’s a lot to look forward to and it’s an exciting time…

15 years ago Jo & I started The Buggysnuggle Company together and placed a small advert in Junior magazine. Orders flooded in and we then spent a decade and a half growing the company from our kitchen/dining room tables to a successful, award winning and international company whilst attempting to achieve the elusive work/life balance.

TRAMPOLINEsmWhen we started out, my two older boys were 3 years & 18 months and Jo’s little girl was just a year old. I went on to have 2 more children, another boy in 2003 & then a daughter in 2009 (yes - both with 6 year gaps between!) Jo, in the meantime, met her new partner & in 2012 had a second child (a 14 year gap between her 2!) and then announced early this year that number 3 is on the way (due end Aug)! I also moved to Cornwall in 2003, so for the last 10 years we’ve run the company from 2 offices 300 miles apart = challenging, but it worked!

Over the 15 years there have been good times and bad; lots & lots of hard work; tears of laughter & tears of frustration; tonnes of guilt (part & parcel of being a working mum) and loads of fun times with all the friends we have made in the nursery industry (too many to name, but you know who you are!)

So it was with a heavy heart that Jo decided earlier this year to leave The Buggysnuggle Company so she could concentrate on the 2 new little people in her life plus, of course, the gorgeous Ruby, now 15! Jo will be juggling nappies at one end & GCSE’s at the other – plenty to get on with…

I wish Jo every happiness with her new babies & I will miss her, though I suspect she’ll change her telephone number soon so I stop calling her at all hours asking “how did you used to do…” or “where did you file that?”!! I suspect she’ll block my number!

I am so excited about the future of The Buggysnuggle Company. The business has now re-located to Cornwall & I have lots of plans for the future… (you’ll have to wait & see!)

CONNIES_IMG_5726I hope you’ll join me for the next 15 years! Cheers! Sarah xx

Friday, 8 February 2013


Apart from the Olympics, Queen’s Jubilee and so on, 2012 will certainly be remembered for one other thing. Rain. The rain seems to be quite a big feature to the start of 2013 too! A friend said to me recently “the trouble with Cornwall, is that apart from The Eden Project, there’s nothing to do when it’s raining!” Hmmm, well I beg to differ, I thought… Some of my favourite things to do involve Cornwall and rain! Most of these can be translated to wherever you are, so with half term and the likelihood of rain coming up, I thought I’d share:

1. WALKS – Why do people think because it’s raining you can’t go for a walk? It’s great! Jackets, wellies, gloves, hats on? Just get out there in that rain for a long, wet, blustery walk! Can’t beat that! Even if it’s a quick one and you come back soaked, you’ll feel all the better for it – just make sure you take some bribes to keep the kids motivated!

2. TOBOGANNING/ROLLING - A recent favourite of Sam’s has been sand dune tobogganing. We didn’t have any snow, but we have sand dunes and toboggans! Great fun, though you do get sand everywhere! I used to LOVE rolling down hills too and getting really dizzy, all you need’s a steep slope – yes they’ll get wet and messy, but they’ll have a great time and it’ll wear them out! A hot bath afterwards will soon warm them up again. TOBOGANNING

3. COLLECTING - Last weekend Sam decided he wanted to start collecting cowrie shells, so we wrapped up and spent nearly 2 hours searching for the elusive little shells. We got 12! Just 12, in 2 hours. So this collection could while away many a holiday!


4. ROCK POOLING – Kids love rock pooling & it’s amazing how long they’ll be occupied, but it could just be going out in the garden/woods searching for insects under stones! Same kind of fun. See how many crabs/centipedes they find.  rockpooling

5. DOWN THE WOODS – If you’ve got a wood near you, then get down there! When it’s raining, at least you’ll have a bit of shelter. Sam & his mates love going down to the woods near us, especially in the rain, the muddier the better! There’s usually quite a lot of washing to do afterwards, but they’ve had a great time building camps.

6. SURFING – Well body boarding! OK I admit, in February this is an extreme one and if you’re not near the sea, you local pool is not quite the same, but if you’re up for it you’ll feel really refreshed, and it can be chucking it down and it won’t make the slightest difference. Especially if you do what we call “trolley-dash-surfing” i.e. wetsuits on at home in the warm, drive to the beach, jump out of the car and into the surf (once you’re numb it’s fine!), then straight back in the car & into a hot shower as soon as you’re home! (Who am I trying to kid – I would NEVER do this in February!!)

I think we just need to get over then rain and make the most of it!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

January Blues

Living in Cornwall has many advantages, however we’ve all been very jealous this week as the rest of the country skives off school or work to go sledging or have snowball fights and build snowmen – we haven’t seen a flake here! My 9 year old has been beside himself, watching the weather forecasts and jumping up & down in frustration at the lack of snow in Cornwall! Instead we have mostly been covered in a thick layer of grey. I find the general January malaise inspires me to dream about summer holidays! IMG_9056I am 95% sure we will end up at the fabulous campsite in France where we’ve holidayed for the last 4 years. Nestled in a pine forest, behind the beach and protected from the sea breezes by huge sand dunes it is the perfect combination of beach/pool/forest with all the amenities you could possibly need on site.VIEUX_PORT However, that doesn’t stop me wasting a few hours on the internet every evening dreaming of more exotic climes…

A few years ago my better half went off to Cambodia on a food tour (I had to stay home & work!) and I would love to have a family holiday there. It seems a wonderful destination for an exotic beach holiday with the added bonus of amazing sights & culture & fabulously friendly people too. Pete O’Sullivan, (a friend of mine), has recently set up Naga Tours, a company specialising in organising tailor made trips to the region. Pete has over 10 years experience organising and developing tours in South-East Asia – what he doesn’t know about the area isn’t worth knowing!angkorwat02Photo Copyright Naga Tours

Then again I’d love to go to Brazil. My husband visits often for business, but I’ve never managed to tag along! With 3 of my kids being major surf dudes it would have to be (at least partly) a surf holiday, though I’m sure we could squeeze some culture in too. Errant Surf organise surf trips to Brazil, which look really fun and they sort out the surf safari’s leaving me to lie on the beach and relax!MACUMBA_SURF_LODGEAnother country I dream about is India. It has long been top of my “One day I’ll visit” list. I would really love to visit Rajasthan and the Chhatra Sagar looks amazing.CHHATRA_SAGARI guess I might have to leave the kids in the tent whilst I go shopping in Jaipur! Oooh I can’t wait to visit the Johari Bazar and come home with bolts of beautiful fabrics, and bangles, and silk scarfs… I could go on!

0559-JOHARI BAZARWell I can dream can’t I?! In the meantime, it’s about time I booked the campsite in France!