Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Domestic Sluttery

There is no hiding from it. I am a total domestic disaster! I have a mountain of washing waiting to be sorted; every window sill in my house is piled high with stuff; you cannot get a car in the car port because its full of surf boards, buckets, spades, plant pots; there is a hole in the back door where the cat flap used to be – the new cat flap has been waiting to be attached for about 2 months! Now don’t get me started on my office…

Today I have got to the stage when I can’t think straight! I am in the middle of ordering more production; designing next seasons collection; sorting all the admin to do with fabric & trims ordering & also doing PR for this weeks’ Baby Show. My desk is piled high & I seem to be hopping from one job to another without completing anything! Aaaaaahhhh.

Now brace yourselves, I’m going to show you some photos of my desk & office…

   How I can find anything I don’t know!

What a tip!

Right I’m not doing anything else until this pit is sorted!

Huffing, puffing, chucking, hoovering, sweating… An hour later… 

Right! That is so much better! I can think clearly & go off to The Baby Show knowing I’m coming back next week to A TIDY DESK!! Whooppee!

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