Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Like many women I have a massive list of things on my “aroundtoit” list and, like everyone else, they’ve been there a while! Number 1 on my “aroundtoit” list for about 4 years has been to sort my cupboards out – all of them! Kitchen cupboard, airing cupboard, the dresser – everywhere I have cupboards full of crap and if I cleaned them out I could put everything away – oh how great that would be, if all our stuff was “away” = bliss!

riverford-organic-farmsBut, I confess, I am one of those people who have a lot of good intentions on my “aroundtoit” list but rarely achieve them – be it cooking more inventive meals; organising a monthly supermarket delivery of all the basics; reading to my kids every night; doing something for charity; reading more intelligent books; recycling more and remembering to put it out; growing my own veg and so on. Pah! Growing my own veg – I can’t even keep a pot of basil alive for more than 2 weeks!

Attempting to get the family to eat lots of organic vegetables was one such intention which I did actually get “aroundto”. Well sort of! For the last 6 years I’ve had a veg box delivered by Riverford Organic – a fantastic company based in Devon who I would thoroughly recommend. Each week a lovely box full of delicious organic veg has been delivered to my door step. However, my kids are quite anti-veg, something which drives me insane and though I try to cook lots of veg and eat as many as possible, I never seem to work my way through the entire veg box. The problem is especially bad in the summer when the whole family are busy every night surfing or rowing or football training… What with one thing or another dinner tends to be of a spagetti bolognaise/chilli type meal and I’m afraid fish and chips tends to feature at least once a week (usually when they’ve surfed until late and it’s 8.30pm and I haven’t even thought about dinner!)

ROCK_OYSTERIMG_1509So anyway, last night I cleaned out my fridge. We’d had a fantastic weekend at the Rock Oyster Festival and as a result had not eaten at home for a few days.  I found myself chucking a lot of what had been lovely fresh food in the bin. What a terrible waste! I’m in the middle of reading Half the Sky (you HAVE to read it) so this appalling waste really hit home and I decided to get “aroundtoit” and cancel the delivery and stop wasting money and food! Today it was with a heavy heart that I cancelled my regular veg order and am instead going to get “aroundtoit” and buy on a daily basis from Padstow Farm Shop, which is a fantastic local shop that I should support more!

SOS_logoWith the money I’ll no longer be wasting by spending on food that gets binned I’ve started sponsoring a child via SOS Children’ s Villages and set up a monthly donation to Shelterbox. This is what the message from Half The Sky tries to get across – it doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter how small, every little helps and also, finally, I’ve crossed something off my “aroundtoit” list!