Friday, 3 February 2012

One of those weeks...

It's Friday night and I cannot believe another week has flown by. I have barely ticked a thing off my lists (I am a HUGE list maker) and the days have been a jumble of juggling things through a haze caused by lack of sleep.
Lizzie has been poorly all week, too poorly for nursery Wednesday,Thursday and today, so the sitting room has been turned into a sick bay office! I don't actually think I would have spent much time in my "official" office (the shed) as it has had frost on the inside of the windows for the last 2 days! I also think I may have developed chilblains from spending the days virtually sitting on my radiator (the joys of being a work at home parent, eh?!) 

At least it has been sunny and crystal clear and I've escaped down to the beach a couple of late afternoons to drop my older lads off for a quick surf. Yes, they are nuts! They assure me that the water is fine (10-11 degrees) and the pain only starts when they get out of the water...

Today, with Lizzie on the mend and insisting on sitting on my lap whilst I was making vain attempts at phone calls and emails, I gave up & took her for a mini "photo shoot". We're about to launch a small limited edition collection to celebrate the Olympics and Queen's Jubilee and we needed to get some shots done, so it seemed a good time to kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak!  

We walked up the narrow lane, checking out the early Cornish lambs, to the old phone box (very British) where I wanted to take the photos. Lizzie co-operated for a while until she spotted some horses curiously watching us over their gate. So we fed them hay for a while, after which she refused point blank to get back in the buggy, and I gave up on the idea of getting any shots or doing any work and surrendered to being a mum and enjoying the weekend! 

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