Monday, 7 November 2011

Product Focus # 3–Bsnug Babysnuggle

We make 3 different products for car seats: Babysnuggles, Dinkysnuggles & Flower Wraps) - this focus is on the Babysnuggle.

We currently have 2 types available: The original Babysnuggle and the Split-leg Babysnuggle.BABY110-3 Both are available in 2 sizes: 0-6 months & 6-12 months.

The original Babysnuggle has a hole for the shoulder to crotch straps to be fastened through which are then neatly concealed by the pocket feature. It has a cute hood with tassles & contrast turn back cuffs. It can be used in car seats or when laid flat in a pram. It is available in Pink ‘LOVE’ embroidery, Blue ‘LOVE’ embroidery & Blue Stripe fleece. RRP £23.95.





The new Split-leg Babysnug has all the cute features of the original Babysnuggle but with the added benefit of split-legs. This means it can be used not only in car seats, but also in front & back carriers, buggies and bike seats too! It is available in Blue Stripe Fleece & Bright Bubbles Fleece RRP £24.95. Cow Fur & Strawberry Fur RRP £29.95.







They make really great presents for friends as well as being indispensible for the first few months with your own new baby!

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