Thursday, 15 September 2011

Heritage of the Buggysnuggle brand

I was up at the warehouse this week and we had a look through some very old, damp boxes at the back of “Hub B”, our overflow warehouse. What a laugh we had – you should see some of the reject samples we found: Garish, shiny waterproofs; weird fake leather; some dreadful tartan efforts – honestly it did make us wonder what possessed us?!

We also came across the very first sample, the original Buggysnuggle, stitched by my fair hands way back in 1997! No zip, very tiny harness slits and an interesting bobbly red fleece fabric, but nevertheless still the same shape and size – thoroughly researched, developed and cut by me! (and sadly often copied entirely by other lazy companies ever since).IMG_9538

We also found our very first advert which we placed with Junior magazine in November 1998 – a cute photo of Jo’s daughter in the red Buggysnuggle sample. In those days we used to send out swatches of whatever fabrics we had got hold of! The retail price was £20.00 which we soon realised, was not enough if we wanted a viable business! So by the time our next advert came out in March 1999 the price had increased to £35.00! (I’d worked out by then I needed to cost in the time it took to make one! Ha ha!)FIRST-ADVERT

Then in a dusty old box we found loads of photos including these two – one taken at the very first trade show we did with Buggysnuggle in 1998, and another of our first “photo shoot” – basically an afternoon at Blenheim Palace with our kids in tow, modelling their Buggysnuggles! Dan is now 14 and Ruby 13 years old – how time flies when you’re having fun! FIRST-SHOW-98FIRST-PHOTO-SHOOT

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  1. Oh cool! I love snooping around in the past and this is great, haha. Thanks for sharing. My baby is snuggled in her white/green sheep snuggle...can't believe I'm seeing that in the last photo o_o!