Monday, 18 April 2011

Post Holiday Blues


Well after 5 days following my surf bums and staying at Casa D’Arriba in Portugal (which, incidentally, I cannot recommend more!) I am now back in the office beavering away! It’s always horrible getting back to reality, but I think because the weather’s so gorgeous here, it makes it worse! My friend Claire who looks after Lizzie, has been on the beach with her today and I’m suffering from the serious working mum guilt! (I should be there with her!) I know Jo is also charging about doing a few hours in the office, then attempting to entertain Ruby, whilst knowing the 100 or so emails need answering and the year end is looming... Looking forward to next weeks’ guilt free 3 day week though! Ha ha! Bank holidays are officially fun days!

Does anyone else have any ideas for getting your work/fun balance right in the holidays? I’d love any suggestions because after 4 kids over 16 years I still seem to find it a constant struggle!

Still, at least one of the great things about working for yourself is that you can knock off early which is what I’m planning to do shortly!

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