Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Never work with children and animals!

Having been asked by quite a few customers whether we could make an instructional video about the Buggysnuggle, we decided to take the plunge! I contacted a local company iKandi Media, down here in Cornwall, had a quick meeting with Tom and Toby, and before we knew it we were at local beach Trevone, filming what turned out to be more of a mini-movie, with a group of friends and their lovely babies!  We were really lucky that the day of filming was completely gorgeous (though freezing!) – clear blue skies and sunshine!


I wish we could have made an out-takes version as we had a few hilarious moments, such as a very sudden double nostril snot attack from one baby; the moment doing the “city shots” when 2 tractors ruined the shot; watching Toby playing spelling with the alphabetti spagetti; and at the end of the day, when Lizzie had her moment of glory and smiled and shouted “BUM” very loudly for no apparent reason!       


I have to admit, when we’d finished filming I did wonder how on earth they were going to turn it into something professional, as to me it had seemed like organised chaos all day! The saying “never work with children and animals” comes to mind! However, ikandi are miracle workers and when we saw the end results we were delighted!

Having filmed the “movie” we got Sam to show us how to fit a Buggysnuggle and ikandi made this into another short film. Sam was great and really made us laugh when we’d asked him to end with “ta-da!” and he changed it to “ker-ching”!   

We’re really pleased with the results and really hope you like them too!

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