Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Never work with children and animals!

Having been asked by quite a few customers whether we could make an instructional video about the Buggysnuggle, we decided to take the plunge! I contacted a local company iKandi Media, down here in Cornwall, had a quick meeting with Tom and Toby, and before we knew it we were at local beach Trevone, filming what turned out to be more of a mini-movie, with a group of friends and their lovely babies!  We were really lucky that the day of filming was completely gorgeous (though freezing!) – clear blue skies and sunshine!


I wish we could have made an out-takes version as we had a few hilarious moments, such as a very sudden double nostril snot attack from one baby; the moment doing the “city shots” when 2 tractors ruined the shot; watching Toby playing spelling with the alphabetti spagetti; and at the end of the day, when Lizzie had her moment of glory and smiled and shouted “BUM” very loudly for no apparent reason!       


I have to admit, when we’d finished filming I did wonder how on earth they were going to turn it into something professional, as to me it had seemed like organised chaos all day! The saying “never work with children and animals” comes to mind! However, ikandi are miracle workers and when we saw the end results we were delighted!

Having filmed the “movie” we got Sam to show us how to fit a Buggysnuggle and ikandi made this into another short film. Sam was great and really made us laugh when we’d asked him to end with “ta-da!” and he changed it to “ker-ching”!   

We’re really pleased with the results and really hope you like them too!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Strawberry dilemma!


STRAWBERRY-RED-smWe're in a right dilemma about one of our new designs for Winter 2011. After many requests, we are bringing back our strawberry design again (after a few years off) but we can’t decide between these 2 colour ways – RED or PINK STRAWBERRY! Can you let me know on the Facebook link which Strawberry you prefer! Thanks!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


BUGGYFITHere’s another photo of a Buggyfit class taking place! It has to be the answer to getting back into shape after having a baby!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Buggyfit- the word on the lips of Mums in the know!!

buggyfit_logo_homeWe love promoting other businesses run by mums and this one is especially close to our hearts as both Jo & I went to school with Emma, the founder of Buggyfit!

Buggyfit has become the most popular way to lose the post baby weight and get back into shape while still being a devoted Mum.

Buggyfit is an outdoor fitness class completely designed with the needs of new Mums in mind. All lead by trained fitness professionals, buggyfit classes are based on power walking with some optional jogging too and are proving to be the best way to get back to fitness, while baby enjoys the fresh air too. It is easy to see why buggyfit is taking the country by storm with classes cropping up in most major towns.

No crèche or babysitting expenses needed, just a great mix of fat-burning and re-toning with baby by your side and friends to chat to. Emma Redding the founder of buggyfit, is a qualified personal trainer and member of The Guild of Post-natal Exercise Teachers. Buggyfit was launched after the birth of her son in 2002. As featured in all the leading press, Buggyfit classes are opening every month around the UK to provide a social, fitness class for Mums and babies with the perfect mix of cardio vascular fat burning exercises and strengthening, toning and stretching. The buggyfit trainers use their expertise to make use of outdoor objects such as farm gates and park benches to instruct exercises to re-tone muscles. buggyfit_home5

“We especially target areas that have been weakened in pregnancy and childbirth such as butts, thighs, arms and abs, with particular emphasis on good posture while we do them” says Emma.

Buggyfit Information

Buggyfit classes cost between £3 and £8 depending on geographical area. Most areas offer discounted block booking options. Watch out for the new ‘Buggyfit blitz’- and intense course of sessions to really get you in the zone and help accelerate results.

For more information on becoming a buggyfit trainer or for a class near you visit or call Emma Redding on 01844 202081,

A Buggysnuggle is perfect for keeping your baby tucked up nice and warm whilst you burn off the calories and get toned in your Buggyfit class!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Website

Finally the website is live – check it out.  No idea how it all works or whether or not you will receive your order – but please bear with us!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Buggysnuggle Review

buggysnug-gingerbreadhouse-reviewGingerbread house is a blog we’ve been following and they have recently had a Buggysnuggle to review for us! Read on here: