Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Help from Grandma!

Things here are very hectic at the moment: the new website launch is imminent (no honestly, I know I’ve been saying that since last September, but this time it really is!); we’re rounding up all the new samples of our soon-to-be-unveiled summer collection, these all need to be photographed very urgently; samples for next winter are in various states of development; and to top it all, we’re shooting a video next week for the new website and Facebook/YouTube and I’m in a panic about rounding up the “models” (my mates babies!)

So it doesn’t help that half term has arrived, and the balancing act has gone haywire! Guilt is a working mum’s way of life, never truer than in school holidays – you’re constantly torn between wanting to go out with the kids and just having to answer this email/or make that phone call! I don’t know what I’d do without my lovely mum, photographed here with Lizzie. She’s helping out today, and has taken Lizzie & Sam for a swim (phew, I hate swimming pools!), so I can get on and work for a while without feeling guilty! I’m very lucky to have my parents living close by, as I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without their help.

This weekend 4 generations will be gathering to celebrate my Grandma’s 100th birthday! It’s amazing to think of the changes that have taken place since Grandma was born in 1911! I wonder what Grandma did when she needed help looking after her 6 children… But I’d like to say a big thank you to my Grandma, because without her none of us would be here, and as tough as the balancing act is, I wouldn’t be without it!

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