Thursday, 20 January 2011

A problem solved!

I’m sure it’s a problem experienced by every family who like walking and being out and about. Namely, what do you do when your child has reached around 2-3 years. You want to carry on doing lovely long walks, and a pushchair is often not an option - even off-roaders struggle with cliff paths! They are getting really heavy to carry in a proper framed back pack carrier and are starting to want to walk some of the time, so you don’t necessarily want to haul an empty bulky carrier around. Lizzie has recently discovered the joys of a piggy-back, which is fine if I’m just flying into the post office, but not really feasible to do long distance without my arms falling off! Well I was searching the internet looking for something to help and I came across this fab product called the Patapum Toddler Carrier. I ordered one from and I am delighted with it! Lizzie loves it, so much so, that I carried her around the kitchen for an hour last night whilst I was cooking dinner! When used on your back it effectively works like a supported piggy-back and is very comfortable to wear, easy to get her on & off, and somehow, sitting lower down my back she seems so much lighter! So I think I’ve now solved my long walk problem until she’s big enough to manage one of my favourite walks along The Saint’s Way to Padstow by herself!

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