Thursday, 6 January 2011

January Sale now on!

FLOOD-JAN11Well we certainly had an interesting end to 2010 (snowed in!) and start to 2011 (burst pipe & flooded warehouse!) We had a lucky escape from a potentially devastating flood over the holidays, when Jo was unable to log in to our server, so asked our lovely Nicky if she could pop to the warehouse to re-boot it. Nicky arrived to find a couple of inches of water throughout the warehouse! Had she not visited it could well have been much, much worse. As it is we store most of our stock on pallets, so we got away lightly. Phew!

Anyway, we are now back to work and I’m flat out chasing up all the new designs (I’m so excited, they are really fab, though I say it myself!) – too early for sneak previews, you’ll just have to trust me!

In the meantime our January sale is now on, with the final clearance of our original design Buggysnuggles! So, if you fancy a bargain, just visit our website sale room – stock is now very limited so don’t hang around!

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