Friday, 28 January 2011

Save our forests!

When I was a kid, I used to love walking in  the woods and as an adult, taking my kids for long walks in The Chilterns was a favourite way to spend a Sunday morning. A school trip to The New Forest holds very special memories, as do several holidays to The Forest of Dean! So I was really alarmed this week to hear about the government plans to sell off lots of our forests. I naively didn’t think they were theirs to sell! I’ve found a couple of articles, one in the Independent and one in the Guardian which both explain the current situation. If you, like me, think that our forests are a national treasure that should never be sold, the please sign these 2 petitions – one for The Woodland Trust and one for 38 Degrees Organisation. At the moment the government are only “consultingWOODS-2but it seems that, judging by the number of people who have already signed the petitions, as a nation we do not want to see our forests sold off, running the risk of them being turned into golf courses or theme parks. The Woodland Trust has been campaigning for the restoration of all the Forestry Commission’s damaged ancient woods (defaced by conifers) returning them to our native woodland. If the forests are sold off, this will be less likely to happen. So that’s my rant over! If you agree then please sign up, before it’s too late!WOODS-3 WOODS-1

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A problem solved!

I’m sure it’s a problem experienced by every family who like walking and being out and about. Namely, what do you do when your child has reached around 2-3 years. You want to carry on doing lovely long walks, and a pushchair is often not an option - even off-roaders struggle with cliff paths! They are getting really heavy to carry in a proper framed back pack carrier and are starting to want to walk some of the time, so you don’t necessarily want to haul an empty bulky carrier around. Lizzie has recently discovered the joys of a piggy-back, which is fine if I’m just flying into the post office, but not really feasible to do long distance without my arms falling off! Well I was searching the internet looking for something to help and I came across this fab product called the Patapum Toddler Carrier. I ordered one from and I am delighted with it! Lizzie loves it, so much so, that I carried her around the kitchen for an hour last night whilst I was cooking dinner! When used on your back it effectively works like a supported piggy-back and is very comfortable to wear, easy to get her on & off, and somehow, sitting lower down my back she seems so much lighter! So I think I’ve now solved my long walk problem until she’s big enough to manage one of my favourite walks along The Saint’s Way to Padstow by herself!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Offer - 10% discount plus free delivery on all HATS

Please quote offer code HAT11 when logging in to to get a 10% discount plus free delivery (UK only) on all HATS until the end of February (while stocks last!)PT061-1-sm    PT001-3-sm  PT062-3-smCR106-3-sm

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Alternative uses for Buggysnuggles

Buggysnuggle-sledge-2Buggysnuggle-sledgeReceived these great photos today from Tanya in Perth, of her little boy using BSN124 Explorer Waterproof Spotty Buggysnuggle on a sledge! Apparently its easier top get around with a sledge than a buggy! Really hope things get back to normal soon in Scotland!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

January Sale now on!

FLOOD-JAN11Well we certainly had an interesting end to 2010 (snowed in!) and start to 2011 (burst pipe & flooded warehouse!) We had a lucky escape from a potentially devastating flood over the holidays, when Jo was unable to log in to our server, so asked our lovely Nicky if she could pop to the warehouse to re-boot it. Nicky arrived to find a couple of inches of water throughout the warehouse! Had she not visited it could well have been much, much worse. As it is we store most of our stock on pallets, so we got away lightly. Phew!

Anyway, we are now back to work and I’m flat out chasing up all the new designs (I’m so excited, they are really fab, though I say it myself!) – too early for sneak previews, you’ll just have to trust me!

In the meantime our January sale is now on, with the final clearance of our original design Buggysnuggles! So, if you fancy a bargain, just visit our website sale room – stock is now very limited so don’t hang around!