Monday, 8 November 2010

A fine start to a Monday morning!

I actually really like Monday mornings… a whole fresh week ahead to attempt to get on top of things! However, this morning Lizzie was in her Terminator mode! I attempted a quick half hour of folding the washing (yes, very exciting) before work, but as fast as I was folding she was chucking everything on the floor. Then she wandered off and I got the rest of the washing sorted before realising she was suspiciously quiet… well that was because she had found the Monopoly set and spread the entire contents over her bedroom and carefully shredded most of the notes – aaaahhh!

Well anyway she went off to Grandma’s & I abandoned the devastation until later. Hmmm I’m sure I’ll regret that!

I had several emails today about nearest stockists, so thought that I would post the link to the stockists page on our new (honestly-soon-to-be-launched) website. Just enter your postcode and you will get details of your 10 nearest stockists.

News soon about the website launch and in the meantime a couple of shots of the beautiful Camel Estuary taken yesterday whilst walking the dogs! Glorious!

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