Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's a glamourous life I lead... Not!

In Spain to visit some factories and I'm sitting here on my own with an Easyjet snack pack for my dinner (late...desperate...starving - you get the picture!)watching the Disney channel in Spanish!! What a jet set life!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

It's freezing cold, so Buggysnuggle up with our 10% winter offer!

To celebrate the arrival of winter and all this snow (though its not in Padstow yet!) we are offering a 10% discount on all orders over £35 until December 31st!

Visit and just quote BRRR when prompted!


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Buggysnuggle worldwide (well getting there!)

It’s been a massive learning curve over the last 4 years taking on distributors in other countries. It’s one of those situations when you automatically assume that there is one way of exporting and every other company knows what it is, but you don’t! After a while, and lots of conversations with other business owners (mainly women – they’re more willing to talk honestly!) we realised that there is no standard way of doing things and that our muddling along system was working pretty well! We now distribute to: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Japan.

This shot was taken when our lovely Japanese distributor, Mayumi ( came to check out the new designs last season.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Buggysnuggle in a Mountain Buggy

As a fan and owner of a Mountain Buggy I was really interested to get an email from Hollie who blogs for Mountain Buggy and is a Buggysnuggle fan! Click the link below to see her post and scroll to the bottom to find a really informative video discussing the Mountain Buggy, the new design features of the Scottie Dog Buggysnuggle and a gorgeous Pink Lining changing bag! Click here for more:


Monday, 15 November 2010

Photo shoots

I came across these photos over the weekend – taken at one of our shoots earlier this year! We went up to Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor on a glorious day. We’d wanted to get some shots of cows with a Cow Fur Buggysnuggle and then this big line of cows came over the horizon – the only problem was that we’d wanted Friesians and this was a right mixed bunch! Also a few of them had quite big horns so we didn’t dare venture any closer! Still it was a lovely change of scene!  ROUGH-TOR-PHOTOSHOOT-COWS


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Win a Buggysnuggle Competition!

BS106-3To win a Buggysnuggle from the Simple range (worth £35) simply visit our Facebook page and click “like” at the top of the page, then email your name, address, telephone number and the Simple Buggysnuggle you would like to win to: by 12 noon Monday 15th November 2010. 1 winner will be chosen randomly and notified on Monday afternoon! Good luck!

Monday, 8 November 2010

A fine start to a Monday morning!

I actually really like Monday mornings… a whole fresh week ahead to attempt to get on top of things! However, this morning Lizzie was in her Terminator mode! I attempted a quick half hour of folding the washing (yes, very exciting) before work, but as fast as I was folding she was chucking everything on the floor. Then she wandered off and I got the rest of the washing sorted before realising she was suspiciously quiet… well that was because she had found the Monopoly set and spread the entire contents over her bedroom and carefully shredded most of the notes – aaaahhh!

Well anyway she went off to Grandma’s & I abandoned the devastation until later. Hmmm I’m sure I’ll regret that!

I had several emails today about nearest stockists, so thought that I would post the link to the stockists page on our new (honestly-soon-to-be-launched) website. Just enter your postcode and you will get details of your 10 nearest stockists.

News soon about the website launch and in the meantime a couple of shots of the beautiful Camel Estuary taken yesterday whilst walking the dogs! Glorious!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Half term test drive!

There have got to be some perks working for yourself, so I treated Lizzie to the Luxury Textured Fur Buggysnuggle! It is sooo gorgeous & Lizzie loves it! We made a half term outing back to Nanjizal, this time walking from the Land’s End direction. However… for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to leave the backpack carrier in the car and walk the Cornish coast path with our buggy instead! What a ridiculous idea! I don’t think any all terrain buggy could cope with that! We ended up carrying the pushchair over boulders & along very narrow paths! Eventually, quarter of a mile from Nanjizal, we abandoned the buggy & carried Lizzie along the last slightly hair raising stretch of coast path just before the beach! Unfit mother again! It was just as beautiful as I’d remembered and we had a lovely hour or so with a picnic on the sand! Now, kids back & school & it’s flat out day & night again!