Friday, 1 October 2010

The secret to staying sane whilst running your own company!

ROWING-TRAININGIt’s simple – have a hobby! What with the business, the kids and attempting to keep on top of the chaos inside my house I truly think that if I didn’t do Cornish Pilot Gig rowing I would go insane! I started rowing for Padstow Gig Club 7 years ago within a few months of moving to Cornwall, and it’s extremely addictive! We train 2 nights a week in the summer and race most weekends! It’s hard work but a really great laugh! The races take place all over Cornwall so you get to see some beautiful parts of the county. There’s a fair amount of “après-rowing” involved too which makes for a good social life! Finding the time to do it however requires a fair amount of single (some might say bloody) mindedness (and a very supportive hubby!) but I reckon it’s important to find that little bit of (excuse the cliché) “me time”! If you’d like to read more about this ‘extreme’ sport take a look at: or


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