Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Half term and chaos reigns!

TIGGY_6912Holidays, in my experience, are one of the most guilt ridden times for working mums! Somehow the long summer holidays can be planned like a military operation, but short half term holidays are a bit of a nightmare! My usual plan is “oh I’m sure it’ll be fine, things will work themselves out!”… Hmmm, well days like today prove that that is SUCH a bad idea! It was blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain, and the surf was, most definitely, not pumping! This meant my 13 & 15 year old surf dudes were very grumpy and as a result lazed around moaning about how life was so boring! Grandma helped out taking Sam to see Legend of the Guardians at the cinema (“really good but quite sad” – Sam age 7 years review, in case you’re wondering!) Lizzie, bless her, pottered around entertaining herself most of the day while I was working on new patterns on the kitchen table! Oh, and I think I forgot to mention… our cat Tiggy (age 8 months) gave birth to 6 kittens on Saturday! As if there was not enough chaos around here!  

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