Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fantastic Photos!

Khadine from Once Upon a Bump in Moira, Craigavon in Ireland (Tel: 028 9261 1412) has sent us these fantastic photos:


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snow Joke at Buggysnuggle HQ!

Oh dear! During what should be one of our busiest weeks of the year we are in a situation where virtually nothing can be delivered to or leave from the office! We had about a foot of snow fall on Saturday and this has now frozen solid. I am working from my office down in Cornwall, where it is very cold and frosty with a light snow covering. However Jo, 292 miles away, is attempting to get to Buggysnuggle HQ in her 4 x 4 with snow tyres! However, the courier company cannot get to us to collect the orders! We will be taking individual orders to the post office on foot and then it will be over to the Royal Mail to try and deliver them! So, if you have recently ordered and your delivery has not arrived, please accept our apologies and bear with us!

We are closing a day early (today at noon) as the pipes are frozen so we have no heating or water! We will re-open on Wednesday 5th January.

Wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Last order dates for Christmas!


Wow, where does the time go? I’m sure I wasn’t the only person having heated discussions whilst choosing a Christmas tree last weekend? My middle son Dan always wants the biggest tree possible, I kind of go for the nicest proportions… My long suffering husband just goes with the flow (sensible!) I love the whole decorating palava and we take hours! Dan is never satisfied until every single thing has been hung somewhere in the house! We had extra help this year in the form of Lizzie (21 months) & 6 kittens (7 weeks)… hmmm! I don’t think you could call what we do “tasteful” – the more tinsel, the better! Jo always has a beautiful, stylish tree, but try as I might (& I gave up trying years ago!) my tree never looks stylish!! Each to their own!

So here we are into the last 2 weeks before the big day – my tip is… DON’T GET STRESSED!! It’ll be the day after Boxing Day 2 weeks today, and we’ll all be wondering what all the fuss was about!

But in case you like a bit of pressure and were planning to buy a Buggysnuggle gift for a lucky friend, our last order dates are as follows:

Royal Mail Standard delivery (not absolutely guaranteed for delivery pre-Christmas) - 12 noon Tues 21st December 2010.
Courier delivery (48hr delivery) - 12 noon Wed 22nd December 2010.
The office will be closed from Wednesday 22nd December and will re-open Wednesday 5th January 2011.

Don't forget our Winter 10% discount on all orders over £35.00 placed between 26th November and 31st December. Just quote BRRR when you log-in.

A few ideas: What about a Chocolate/Lime Fur Buggysnuggle (£49.50 with the discount) – this fab photo was sent to us from Polly at Cuddledry, a luxury fur blanket (£22.50) or a fun hat (£9.00)

  CBL062-2  CR009-3

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

SnowBugs nanny service

Snowbugs logo.jpg

For anyone who is planning a trip to Meribel or Courchevel this winter and needs someone to look after the little ones whilst you ski, I can recommend my friend Nadine and her company SnowBugs! Nadine has written the following article for our blog:

The first snowflakes are falling! The air is filled with children’s laughter, screams of joy and pure excitement.

Far away in the Ski resort of Courchevel, France, is a Buggysnuggle friend, waiting for the fun to start:

Soon this peaceful winter wonderland with its magical white forests and frozen lakes will change. On the 4th of December those lovely men and women in their black and red uniforms will press the start button to the world of fun we have missed for 7 months; the ski lifts will open!

Within a few days this secret world of fairy tales and glittery snowflakes will turn into the most fun, exiting and exhilarating world for skiers and snowboarders. Much like in England now, there will be children’s laughter echoing from the side of our beloved mountains. Parents returning from a hard day of skiing, with panda-like sunburns and wobbly legs are showing off big smiles and rosy cheeks.

But what do the children do with the parents having fun all day?

This is where SnowBugs appear, to colour in your picture. Every morning SnowBugs nannies brave the cold and make their way to chalets all over Courchevel and Meribel. Bags full of toys are placed on the side for indoor playtime in the afternoon. First we need to make sure those big eyes are looking at us, when mum and dad leave. We are wearing colourful uniforms with a cute little SnowBug to get the children’s attention. I have seen the odd crocodile tear, but as soon as mum & dad are out of sight something magical happens: The tears stop and those little feet come tapping over to the nanny. That little person, full of expectations and curiosity is ready to be our friend...! We are very excited and looking forward to another great season introducing children to the fun world of snow and making the parents holiday as care free as possible!

Of course we need to make sure everyone is dressed for the occasion, so make sure your child is equipped with the right winter boots, snow suits, hats and gloves, warm and waterproof is the theme here! You should also bring sunglasses or mini goggles to protect their precious eyes from these strong UV-rays reflecting of the snow. Should you bring your own pushchair, make sure it is nice and warm. If you feel you may need to top up the snuggle factor of your pushchair, you can use one of our fun and clever Buggysnuggles during your stay in the mountains.


This article is written by Nadine Saar at SnowBugs private nanny service in Courchevel, La Tania and Meribel.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Spain Trip!

Well the Spain trip was an experience! I learnt that...

1. It actually takes 6 & a half hours to drive from Barcelona to Alicante – Google maps said 5 hours, I said “I always beat google maps”… I was wrong!

2. Spanish roads have no cats-eyes so, late at night, on mountainous roads, in pouring rain, overtaking artic lorries is REAAALLY scary!

3. Easyjet should be re-named “not-so-Easyjet” (this after a 2 hour coach transfer from Alicante to Valencia & finally arriving back at Bristol 6 hours late!)  

However, I also visited some of our fabric factories for the first time and was AMAZED! It was really incredible to see the processes that are involved in making our fabulous fur fabrics. From the fibres to the yarns, then the knitting & finishing – it was a fantastic process to see and I am proud to be working with one of the few remaining mills left in Europe. On the negative side I was also shown all the empty industrial buildings which used to be part of the Spanish textile industry. Sadly, they have vanished in their hundreds, unable to compete with the cheaper versions from China and the Far East. We have received samples from there but they are never as good as our fabric – they get close, but end up “squeaky” instead of lush! I have to admit that we have looked into doing production out there, because costs in Europe are increasing all the time and our competitors produce there, but I still feel strongly that we should support European mills and factories because once they are gone they won’t return.


Sunday, 28 November 2010

It's a glamourous life I lead... Not!

In Spain to visit some factories and I'm sitting here on my own with an Easyjet snack pack for my dinner (late...desperate...starving - you get the picture!)watching the Disney channel in Spanish!! What a jet set life!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

It's freezing cold, so Buggysnuggle up with our 10% winter offer!

To celebrate the arrival of winter and all this snow (though its not in Padstow yet!) we are offering a 10% discount on all orders over £35 until December 31st!

Visit and just quote BRRR when prompted!


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Buggysnuggle worldwide (well getting there!)

It’s been a massive learning curve over the last 4 years taking on distributors in other countries. It’s one of those situations when you automatically assume that there is one way of exporting and every other company knows what it is, but you don’t! After a while, and lots of conversations with other business owners (mainly women – they’re more willing to talk honestly!) we realised that there is no standard way of doing things and that our muddling along system was working pretty well! We now distribute to: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Japan.

This shot was taken when our lovely Japanese distributor, Mayumi ( came to check out the new designs last season.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Buggysnuggle in a Mountain Buggy

As a fan and owner of a Mountain Buggy I was really interested to get an email from Hollie who blogs for Mountain Buggy and is a Buggysnuggle fan! Click the link below to see her post and scroll to the bottom to find a really informative video discussing the Mountain Buggy, the new design features of the Scottie Dog Buggysnuggle and a gorgeous Pink Lining changing bag! Click here for more:


Monday, 15 November 2010

Photo shoots

I came across these photos over the weekend – taken at one of our shoots earlier this year! We went up to Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor on a glorious day. We’d wanted to get some shots of cows with a Cow Fur Buggysnuggle and then this big line of cows came over the horizon – the only problem was that we’d wanted Friesians and this was a right mixed bunch! Also a few of them had quite big horns so we didn’t dare venture any closer! Still it was a lovely change of scene!  ROUGH-TOR-PHOTOSHOOT-COWS


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Win a Buggysnuggle Competition!

BS106-3To win a Buggysnuggle from the Simple range (worth £35) simply visit our Facebook page and click “like” at the top of the page, then email your name, address, telephone number and the Simple Buggysnuggle you would like to win to: by 12 noon Monday 15th November 2010. 1 winner will be chosen randomly and notified on Monday afternoon! Good luck!

Monday, 8 November 2010

A fine start to a Monday morning!

I actually really like Monday mornings… a whole fresh week ahead to attempt to get on top of things! However, this morning Lizzie was in her Terminator mode! I attempted a quick half hour of folding the washing (yes, very exciting) before work, but as fast as I was folding she was chucking everything on the floor. Then she wandered off and I got the rest of the washing sorted before realising she was suspiciously quiet… well that was because she had found the Monopoly set and spread the entire contents over her bedroom and carefully shredded most of the notes – aaaahhh!

Well anyway she went off to Grandma’s & I abandoned the devastation until later. Hmmm I’m sure I’ll regret that!

I had several emails today about nearest stockists, so thought that I would post the link to the stockists page on our new (honestly-soon-to-be-launched) website. Just enter your postcode and you will get details of your 10 nearest stockists.

News soon about the website launch and in the meantime a couple of shots of the beautiful Camel Estuary taken yesterday whilst walking the dogs! Glorious!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Half term test drive!

There have got to be some perks working for yourself, so I treated Lizzie to the Luxury Textured Fur Buggysnuggle! It is sooo gorgeous & Lizzie loves it! We made a half term outing back to Nanjizal, this time walking from the Land’s End direction. However… for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to leave the backpack carrier in the car and walk the Cornish coast path with our buggy instead! What a ridiculous idea! I don’t think any all terrain buggy could cope with that! We ended up carrying the pushchair over boulders & along very narrow paths! Eventually, quarter of a mile from Nanjizal, we abandoned the buggy & carried Lizzie along the last slightly hair raising stretch of coast path just before the beach! Unfit mother again! It was just as beautiful as I’d remembered and we had a lovely hour or so with a picnic on the sand! Now, kids back & school & it’s flat out day & night again!    


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Half term and chaos reigns!

TIGGY_6912Holidays, in my experience, are one of the most guilt ridden times for working mums! Somehow the long summer holidays can be planned like a military operation, but short half term holidays are a bit of a nightmare! My usual plan is “oh I’m sure it’ll be fine, things will work themselves out!”… Hmmm, well days like today prove that that is SUCH a bad idea! It was blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain, and the surf was, most definitely, not pumping! This meant my 13 & 15 year old surf dudes were very grumpy and as a result lazed around moaning about how life was so boring! Grandma helped out taking Sam to see Legend of the Guardians at the cinema (“really good but quite sad” – Sam age 7 years review, in case you’re wondering!) Lizzie, bless her, pottered around entertaining herself most of the day while I was working on new patterns on the kitchen table! Oh, and I think I forgot to mention… our cat Tiggy (age 8 months) gave birth to 6 kittens on Saturday! As if there was not enough chaos around here!  

Friday, 22 October 2010

Happy customers at The Baby Show!

TWINSAaaah, how cute do these little 8 week old twins look in their new Buggysnuggles? Busy day at The Baby Show today & very achy feet tonight! Now busy with emails and a glass of wine (and a new very confusing TV series called The Event… does anyone else have a clue what’s going on?!)

Friday, 15 October 2010

The Baby Show at Earls Court

THE-BABY-SHOW-10We are showing at The Baby Show next week – Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th October at Earls Court, London. We have 10 free tickets worth £22.00 to give away! Please email with your name and address to request one of these tickets – first come first served!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Baby Show for Trade at Olympia

BABY_SHOW_TRADE_logoBABY-SHOW-FOR-TRADEWe’ve just got back from exhibiting at The Baby Show for Trade at Olympia in London. It was a brand new show and was jammed packed full with every must have nursery brand in the industry! It was great to see lots of our UK customers face to face and show them all the benefits of the new Buggysnuggle! Some customers mentioned how now they had seen the design “in the flesh” they could really see all the advantages and agreed it was a great improvement! Now its flat out sending out orders and following up potential new customers! To find your nearest stockist or check whether you are listed as a Buggysnuggle stockist please check our new stockist page.

Monday, 4 October 2010

New Awards for Buggysnuggle

Pushchair accessory bronzeAwardlogo06GOLDWe are thrilled to have received 2 awards during the last 7 days! For the third year running we have been awarded a Gold Practical Pre-School Award in the Childcare category and, for the first time ever, a prestigious Practical Parenting Bronze Award in what proved to be a diverse and highly fought Pushchair Accessory category! It’s so great to win awards because whilst we know we sell great products, sometimes we lack the time to get our marketing heads on and promote ourselves properly! These awards are an official endorsement and like a pat on the back! Yippee!

Friday, 1 October 2010

The secret to staying sane whilst running your own company!

ROWING-TRAININGIt’s simple – have a hobby! What with the business, the kids and attempting to keep on top of the chaos inside my house I truly think that if I didn’t do Cornish Pilot Gig rowing I would go insane! I started rowing for Padstow Gig Club 7 years ago within a few months of moving to Cornwall, and it’s extremely addictive! We train 2 nights a week in the summer and race most weekends! It’s hard work but a really great laugh! The races take place all over Cornwall so you get to see some beautiful parts of the county. There’s a fair amount of “après-rowing” involved too which makes for a good social life! Finding the time to do it however requires a fair amount of single (some might say bloody) mindedness (and a very supportive hubby!) but I reckon it’s important to find that little bit of (excuse the cliché) “me time”! If you’d like to read more about this ‘extreme’ sport take a look at: or


Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mummy’s little helper!



Oh dear – Grandma’s busy today so Lizzie has been “helping” me in the office by going through all the swatches… At least it will ensure I have a clear out when I tidy up! Organised chaos!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Buggysnuggle Retailers

Our new agents have been out and about selling the new collection and feeding back comments to us, which is great! This is a photo of Kiddisave ( in Walsall displaying the new Buggysnuggles in the new packing!KIDDISAVE-DISPLAY Looks great!


And this is Winstanleys Pramworld ( in Wigan:












To discover your nearest stockist go to our stockist page and add your postcode. It will give you your nearest 10 retailers!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Last day of Kind und Jugend

Hurray! Only 1 hour to go! An exhausting but successful 4 days is nearly over!
Can't wait to get home! Want to sleep for a week!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Kind und Jugend, Cologne 2010

Day one of the show is over and have made lots of new contacts! Stand looks good and the new designs have been well received (phew!) - only 3 days to go.... (my feet ache already!)
The Flower Garden Fur Buggysnuggle has been really popular!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Just had a few glasses of wine after 8 hours hard graft searching for fabulous new Buggysnuggle fabrics... Found quite a few with potential - this is a possible new waterproof explorer design!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Buggysnuggle season has begun!

Summer holidays over (boo hoo!) Here we go! Buggysnuggle season's started, the new stock is pouring in and the new website launch really is imminent! Lizzie snoozing today in the new Lime Flower Fur Buggysnuggle!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Fisherman's Friends Port Isaac

Had a great Friday night in Port Isaac watching The Fisherman's Friends - what an atmospheric evening! Spotted a double buggy in the crowd with 2 Buggysnuggles in it!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Hey presto - am Social Media Goddess.....cha cha char .....i can do this.....!!!!

Social Media Virgin!

Jo the self confessed 'social media virgin' is having a few problems getting her head round everything (well she's forgotten her password!!)
Hopefully soon we'll both be up to speed!

Friday, 20 August 2010

New Buggysnuggles

Testing out one of the new Buggysnuggle designs earlier this summer (yes it was a summer's day!)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blissed out on holiday!

South of France by the pool - 24 degrees but a cold wind & Lizzies tucked up in her Buggysnuggle fast asleep!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Last day of term - now the fun starts!

Oh joy! 6 hours to go before 6 weeks of chaos! I love the school hols but sadly, try as we might, work doesn't stop! So it's fitted in very early, very late and sporadically through out the day - which is very bad for my brain cells!

What a tease!

Poor Joseph being teased with a biscuit whilst we're trying to get him to smile!! Torture!