Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The end of an era

Buggysnuggle Logo

After 20 years, Buggysnuggle is looking for a new owner! 

If you are an entrepreneurial person looking for a well-established brand to take on & make your own, then Buggysnuggle could be just what you're looking for!

Our very first sales image in 1998

What is for sale?

The Buggysnuggle Brand; ownership of the Buggysnuggle registered Trade Mark & Community Design; the buggysnuggle website (including all images, rights etc); the customer database; patterns & samples; all social media accounts (Facebook 8500+ followers), Instagram (200+ followers), Twitter (900+ followers); plus possibly a certain amount of start up stock which would be negotiable separately. 

What you will need:

Plenty of commitment, enthusiasm & time to spend building the Buggysnuggle business back up to the success levels it saw in the past, plus a certain amount of cash to invest in new stock & designs.


I am open to reasonable offers for what is a ready-made brand.

At a trade show in 2010
I am happy to have free & frank discussions with genuinely interested potential buyers, but in the first instance please email sarah@buggysnuggle.com with your details.

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Of all the feedback I've had over the years, this really made me laugh!
It's true, because Buggysnuggles are so generously sized, they can disguise an old pushchair & give it a new lease of life!

Saturday, 17 February 2018


#MeettheMaker1 - Brand Image - the Buggysnuggle logo

#MeettheMaker2 - Me with my 2 youngest children - 
The Boss, designer & general-dogs-body at Buggysnuggle HQ! 

#MeettheMaker3 - Workspace (on a tidy day!)

#MeettheMaker4 - Tools - mostly a PC, moleskin notesbooks, sharpie pens...

#MeettheMaker5 - Thing I can't live without (apart from my lovely family of course!) is exercise! 
I'm a much nicer person after I've had a good bike ride!

#MeettheMaker6 - Raw Material - the softest, cuddliest fabrics are 
the most important ingredient in a Buggysnuggle

#MeettheMaker7 - How & Why? I wanted to make the world a more snuggly place!
Read more here!

#MeettheMaker8 - Where? Buggysnuggle HQ up the garden!

#MeettheMaker9 - Goals!

#MeettheMaker10 - The post run - luckily, nowadays, the postman comes to pick them up!

#MeettheMaker11 - Bestseller! - Our luxury Cow Fur Buggysnuggle 
has been a winner since day one!

#MeettheMaker12 - Shelfie! - A rail full of Buggysnuggles!

#MeettheMaker13 - Organised? I'm an avid list maker for every aspect of my life!

#MeettheMaker14 - My little helper is often my daughter, but on this 
occasion she just snuggled up amongst the samples & fell asleep!

#MeettheMaker15 - Where I live...Beautiful Cornwall

MeettheMaker16 - Colour & texture are what we're all about!

#MeettheMaker17 - Sketchbook - where most Buggysnuggle designs start!

#MeettheMaker18 - Photoshoots...Never work with children or animals!

#MeettheMaker19 - Milestone - our 10 year anniversary was a huge milestone & now, 
here we are in 2018, approaching our 20th anniversary! 

#MeettheMaker20 - Customers! What it is all about & what makes it all worthwhile! 
Some days can be rubbish & then a customer sends a lovely bit of feedback
or a great photo & that just makes my day, even after 20 years! 

Monday, 12 February 2018

#Snugglefact 6

Buggysnuggles are available in lots of fabrics & colourways. We design in house, so our prints are exclusive & manufactured only for The Buggysnuggle Company, so if you're looking for something a bit special, look no further...

Monday, 5 February 2018

#Snugglefact 5

The best way to discover all about the unique Buggysnuggle design is to watch the video "How to fit your Buggysnuggle", explained by 8 year old Sam!

Friday, 2 February 2018

#Snugglefact 4

It seems like a small thing, a little pocket on the front, the "teddy pocket" or the "stash pocket", whatever you like to call it, but these little things make the Buggysnuggle better than the rest.
I love this photo from one happy customer who used it for a box of eggs! Could have been a little messy!

Mostly the pocket is used for a teddy or a snack, and it's handy to know it's there keeping things nice & secure. Read about all the special Buggysnuggle details here.

Monday, 29 January 2018

#Snugglefact 3

I designed the first Buggysnuggle back in 1997 & the business launched in 1998. So this year we are celebrating 20 years of snugglyness!! Thousands of families have used Buggysnuggles for several children & then passed them on, they last so well. So buying a Buggysnuggle is an investment you won't regret! Read more about how the business started & has developed over the last 20 years here.